About us

Eight Sushi Lounge brings the very best ingredients to you in a setting like no other. Join us and experience sushi like never before. #EightSushiATL

When you're truly passionate about sushi...about the freshness of the ingredients, the creativity of the presentation, the environment it is served in, you're creating An Evolution in Sushi!

Eight Sushi Lounge will change your perception of a neighborhood sushi bar and will alter forever your view of Japanese food, with our contemporary approach to traditional and not-so-traditional dishes and our inviting space in The Brady development at the intersection of Eighth and Brady on Atlanta's Westside.


Having owned and operated Rice Restaurant and Sushi Bar, which has received multiple awards as Best Sushi In North GA, Eight Sushi Lounge was our next step. A chance for a new generation of family members to create quality dishes, take care of our patrons as our family and to make every meal a memorable experience.