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An Evolution In Sushi

When you’re truly passionate about sushi…about the freshness of the ingredients, the creativity of the presentation, the environment it is served in, you’re creating An Evolution in Sushi!

Eight Sushi Lounge will change your perception of a neighborhood sushi bar and will alter forever your view of Japanese food, with our contemporary approach to traditional and not-so-traditional dishes and our inviting space in the Brady development on Atlanta’s Westside. Whether al fresco on the patio or tucked away in an intimate corner, on a date or out late, you will find what you’re looking for at Eight!

Restaurant Menu: The Art of Sushi

Eight elevates sushi creation to an art form.  We take an innovative and modern approach to sushi, makis, sashimi and Japanese specialties.  Imagine scallop seared with sesame oil and wasabi.  Miso-glazed steak. Our take on Eggs Benedict, with baked quail eggs, sticky rice, seaweed, spicy tuna and our incredible house-made sauce.  This is food to become obsessed with.  Dishes you truly won’t find anywhere else.


Chef Handy Ho and the Eight Sushi team continue to evolve the menu nightly and as rare and exotic ingredients become available.

Please note: Menu items and pricing may vary daily due to market availability, please call or come in for the latest

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